Galley Bay Resort & Spa

Go Green

Galley Bay Resort & Spa is constantly looking at ways to improve our “product” while being conscious of the surroundings in which we operate.  Our commitment to a green environment is evidenced by the resort's wide range of initiatives to preserve and protect the area.  These include diminishing and recycling waste, improving energy efficiency, eliminating hazardous waste safely  and continuously training our staff in new methods of delivering a quality product, while at the same time, learning about new systems and procedures to reduce waste and  energy inefficiency. And, we even have our own herb, fruit and vegetable garden to not only deliver the freshest ingredients to the table but reduce the carbon footprint on the environment.

Staff Training

Galley Bay’s staff is trained in a variety of procedures and practices to maintain an environment where eco-friendly initiatives are employed. Each staff member understands the importance of recycling and re-using a variety of products and by-products to reduce the impact on the hotel’s surroundings as well as conserve energy.

Waste Management Program

At Galley Bay we take great care to re-use waste for practical purposes that help sustain and renew our environment. This includes assisting local vendors in growing and maintaining their businesses. From re-using kitchen oil to fuel local farmer vehicles to feeding local farm animals with food waste, Galley Bay gives back both literally and figuratively to ensure that re-usable products serve a purpose.

Water Treatment and Conservation Program

Galley Bay has a state of the art desalinization plant, which takes salt water from the sea through a purification process to produce fresh water which is perfectly safe to drink. In addition, we irrigate our grounds and landscaping with gray water which is water that is used throughout the resort and re-used that contains no contaminants. In addition, we only have non-motorized sports at the resort to avoid any infiltration of fuel into the local waters.

Energy Efficiency Program

At Galley Bay we have implemented various practices to ensure that energy is put to productive use and never wasted. With a wide emphasis on the environment, the resort makes a very conscious effort to manage its energy output. From energy efficient light bulbs to air-conditioning systems that have sensors to detect open doors, we are actively engaged in finding ways to improve and maintain this type of conservation.

For a list of some of the other green practices we have started at Galley Bay Resort & Spa in the aim of making our company more sustainable, click here.