Galley Bay Resort & Spa


Relax… Rejuvenate… Refresh

For the utmost in relaxation and pampering, we invite guests to explore Indulge, our beautiful spa, which made its debut in January 2008. Indulge is inspired by the distinctive look of our Gauguin cottages, and is centrally located, adjacent to the calming waters of our lagoon and surrounding bird sanctuary.

Unwind in Tropical Paradise

The spacious, multi-level hideaway features three massage areas, two of which are rustic, open-air treatment "pods". The pods are rough-hewn, airy massage decks draped with sheer, white curtains for privacy, and both overlook the bird sanctuary and lagoon.

Room with a View

The second, shaded treatment pod is designed to accommodate two massage tables, for romantic his-and-hers treatments, in keeping with Galley Bay's emphasis on couples. While we can't guarantee that you'll manage to stay awake during your relaxing treatments, if you do, you'll enjoy the wonderful lagoon view, courtesy of mirrors strategically placed at the base of each massage bed for just this purpose.

Secluded Indulgence

The spa also has a second couples room and a third, air-conditioned private massage room. Before or after your treatment, you're welcome to unwind and enjoy the natural surroundings on our third, open-air relaxation pod. Here at Indulge, you'll also be able to enjoy the spa pool and surrounding deck, either pre or post-treatment.

Face & Body Therapies

A full range of facials, skincare and therapeutic massage treatments is available, and you'll be able to mix-and-match your favorites for a truly relaxing experience that's tailored just for you. Also new to the spa is a full line of world-class Pevonia Botanica skincare products, in keeping with the Indulge spa focus on nature.

Serenity and Tranquility

Throughout the Indulge spa, we've also kept nature in mind by using beautiful, rustic materials that complement the colors and textures found in our Antiguan surroundings. Throughout the spa, guests enjoy the soothing beiges and browns of natural wood, the textures of rattan and wicker, the warm red of terra-cotta planters, and shimmering splashes of gold, brown and green in sumptuous fabrics, for a touch of elegance.

In-Room Treatments

In-room treatments can also be provided for guests who desire the utmost in privacy combined with the best in spa-style pampering. You can take a bit of indulgence home with you, as beauty products used during your treatment are available for purchase, for a luxurious remembrance of Galley Bay.

Salon Services

For a new look or a quick refresh while on the island, our new salon will provide you with everything from cuts, color and styling to blow-outs and up-dos for special occasions. We'll also offer manicures, pedicures and treatments so you can look your best during your stay with us at Galley Bay.

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Please note that our spa and beauty treatment options may change from time to time.


Pevonia provides effective skincare solutions for women and men of every age and every skin type.

  • Indulge Ritual | 60 Mins
    For All Skin Types
    A facial that helps you cleanse, hydrate and add radiance to your complexion. We adapt this to suit your skin type. Ideal to add any upgrade treatment.
  • Refreshing Hydration | 60 Mins
    Plantomer Mask
    Visibly enhances your skin’s texture and maximizes hydration. Th is refreshing lift off mask treatment soothes, heals, strengthens and deeply hydrates, leaving skin tight, refreshed, vital and healthy with an exceptional glow.
  • Luminous Renewal | 60 Mins
    “C” & Sea Mask
    A Vitamin Supplement for radiant skin. Blending a potent concentration of stabilized Vitamin C with the latest high-tech formulation of pure Freeze-Dried Seaweed, this mask reduces fi ne lines, strengthens skin’s elasticity, provides relief for sun damaged skin and restores a youthful appearance with a luminous glow.
  • Timeless Rejuvenation | 60 Mins
    Myoxy Caviar™ & Pearl Mask
    The most advanced defense against aging. This opulent anti-aging treatment lavishes your skin with pure Caviar and Pearl Extract. This luxurious mask improves elasticity, increases skin oxygenation, and suppleness. Promoting rejuvenation, it visibly resurfaces and dramatically reduces facial expression lines and wrinkles.
  • Renew Radiance | 60 Mins
    Anti-Free Radicals Mask
    Repair your skin while deeply nourishing and replenishing. This unique mask is delightfully scented with lavender. It gradually becomes soothingly warm, and then cools to a refreshing chill. This change of temperature serves to increase the absorbency of all active ingredients, while Micronized Vitamins work as anti-free radicals. This mask provides the skin a tighter, more radiant & rejuvenated appearance.
  • Soothe Sensitivity | 60 Mins
    RS2 Calming Mask
    This alleviating treatment provides soothing relief and visual results to dilated capillaries, congestion, blotchiness and irritability, using comforting and healing ingredients such as Green Tea, Chamomile and Licorice. Your complexion feels velvety smooth and deeply hydrated, with improved texture and refined pores.
  • YouthFul Vitality - Pevonia | 60 Mins
    Skin Fit for Him
    Counteract the aging process with a proven-effective advanced treatment specifically formulated for men.


  • Eye Contour Treatment | 30 Mins
    Excellent for smoothing fi ne lines on the fragile eye zone. Eye Contour Freeze-Dried Treatment intensely reduces congestion, stress and fatigue, while combating the signs of aging.
  • Cryo-Collagen Treatment | 30 Mins
    With pure collagen repairs your delicate eye contour.
  • Ginkgo Biloba Mask | 30 Mins
    Decongests puff y eyelids and alleviates dark circles.

Pevonia combines the repairing benefits of a rejuvenating body treatment with a de-stressing massage for an incredible Spa journey.

  • Exfoliate | 45 Mins
    Indulge Sea Salt Glow Glow is the keyword for this deep cleansing exfoliating treatment. Feel stress melt away as your skin is gently massaged using a blend of aromatic sea salts, mineral salts and essential oils to remove impurities, dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. Your skin is brought back to superb radiance and prepared for further body treatments.
  • De-Stress | 45 Mins
    Aromatherapy Cocoon Breathe in tranquility while your body relaxes and stress slips away. Natural herbal essential oils are applied in a warm, aromatic treatment, chosen to stimulate your body’s own ability to release stress and restore peace and well-being to your body, mind and soul.
  • Tropical Harmony | 60 Mins
    Papaya-Pineapple Crème Fraiche Exfoliation & Wrap This two-step treatment includes a rejuvenating Papaya and Pineapple exfoliation, followed by a delightful wrap of Crème Fraiche natural butter enriched with a restorative Vitamin A and Pomegranate extract. Blended with anti-aging and firming ingredients, this luscious Crème Fraiche formula glides smoothly all over the skin. The skin is deeply nourished and renewed.
  • Tropical Retreat | 60 Mins
    Mango-Passion Fruit Yoghurt Exfoliation & Wrap This two-step treatment unites the tropical extracts of Mango and Passion Fruit and infuses them with the repairing power of Vitamin C. The resultant creamy formulation prompts a quick and deep absorption of the rejuvenating ingredients. The skin emerges revived, refreshed, smoother, firmer and brighter.
  • Indulge Coconut Cocoon | 90 Mins
    An exclusive indulgence for couples. An initial enticing body polish using grated coconut to regenerate and refresh, followed by being cocooned in a wrap of coconut milk to rejuvenate and completed with a luxurious coconut oil massage to relax.
  • Water Lily After-Sun Soothing Wrap | 45 Mins
    The ultimate after-sun soother. This treatment is specifically formulated to desensitize, moisturize, decrease skin temperature, and reduce the burning and redness associated with over exposure to the sun.
  • Indulge Au Naturale Wrap | 60 Mins
    This aloe - cucumber medley is designed to reduce the discomfort associated with overexposure to the sun. The touch of cool marble stones, coupled with the restorative qualities of aloe vera and cucumber provides the body instant relief.
  • Eclectic Massage | 60/90 Min
    An original blend of techniques customize to suit individual client who enjoy the benefits of multiple modalities including Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage and Thai Massage. Select 90 min option to include Hot Stone Therapy.
  • Couples Massage | 60/90 Mins
    Treatment is conducted in either the romantic setting of one of Spa Indulge’s open treatment pods or the seclusion of our air conditioned cott age. This treatment is fully customizable by the client. Couple selects from any of our massage offerings.
  • Swedish Massage | 60/35 Mins
    This type of massage is still the most effective in relieving aches and pains, particularly in the neck and back. It increases circulation and promotes a sense of well being.
  • Deep Tissue | 60/35 Mins
    A deep and meaningful all over body massage treatment designed to work on stiff , tight and fatigued muscles and joints. Involves specialized and intensive deep tissue techniques to warm, manipulate and ease the muscles.
  • Relaxing Massage For Mother-To-Be | 60 Mins
    From the soles of the feet to the scalp, a totally relaxing experience that helps to relieve tension as well as eliminating water retention. A special treatment for a special time.
  • Aromatherapy | 60/35 Mins
    Aromatherapy combines the physical and emotional effects of gentle massage with the medical and psychotherapeutic properties of essential oils. It not only alleviates stress and improves mood but it also is a successful treatment for many minor disorders for which doctors cannot always find a gentle solution.
  • Reflexology | 45 Mins
    This is a holistic therapy working on the feet. Stimulation of the reflex zones corresponding with every organ and structure of the body can have a positive effect on stress levels, aid our general health and boost energy.
  • Indian Head Massage | 35 Min
    A therapeutic and relaxing treatment, massaging the scalp, releases tension throughout the body, alleviates headaches and produces a complete sense of calm.
  • Hot Stone Therapy | 60/90 Mins
    Using basalt stones, the stones elicit a re-energizing response from the body. This treatment is a mind, body and spirit experience where you will reach the point of ultimate relaxation, along with pain relief, stress relief and rejuvenation of the mind.


  • Manicure 45 Min
  • Natural Nail Manicure 30 Mins
  • Deluxe Manicure (inc. mask for hands) 60 Mins
  • French Manicure 60 Mins
  • Pedicure 45 Mins
  • Natural Pedicure 30 Mins
  • Deluxe Pedicure (inc mask for feet) 60 Mins
  • French Pedicure 60 Mins
  • Polish Change 30 Mins


Using the warm wax method, regular removal will weaken hair growth and help to soft en the skin.

  • Eyebrows
  • Lips
  • Underarms
  • Half
  • Full
  • Half Leg
  • Neckline
  • Back
  • Feet
  • Arm Hands
  • Arm Full Leg


Hair styling services include luxury shampoo and condition, followed by a blow dry and advice on home care.

  • Blow Dry
  • Cut & Blow
  • Hair Up Bridal
  • Men’s Cut
  • Dry Men’s Cut
  • Styling
    Please try to book spa treatments in advance. Clients who wish to change or cancel an appointment are requested to provide 24 hours notice otherwise 50% of the treatment will be charged. If you do not arrive for your treatment we will charge the full treatment price.
    Wear whatever is comfortable. Robes and slippers will be provided.
    We ask that you allow enough time for your experience and arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment in order that we can record your current Spa needs and details, offer you refreshment and the opportunity to relax on the terrace before your treatment.
    Our consultations are confidential and complimentary and will be carried out before any treatment.
    If you have any medical conditions, are pregnant or breast feeding, have any allergies, injuries, skin complaints or infections, please discuss with your therapist prior to making your booking, as this may direct your treatment options.
    Whilst we endeavour to anticipate your every need, we understand that visiting a spa is a personal experience. Please let your therapist know if there is any way your experience can be enhanced. We kindly request that you complete a ‘feedback form’ after your therapy.
    The Spa accepts no responsibility for the safety of your valuables and we ask that they be removed prior to your visit.
    We accept cash, or the bill can be charged to your room.