Our Green Practices

Our Promise

Galley Bay Resort & Spa management understands the impact of sustainable tourism on the guests, staff and our local community. As a result we have made it our mission to identify, monitor and continually improve all aspects of environmental sustainability in our resort. Our goal is to increase our guest and staff awareness, and expand on local programs and community organizations in an effort to further the preservation of the Caribbean.

Galley Bay Resort & Spa is fiercely committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices in every capacity, from the design of the resort which lives in harmony with our naturally made lagoon to our environmentally-friendly practices throughout, we are dedicated to sustainability in every way we can be, and without compromising on luxury.

We care for the environment so you can spend your time enjoying the natural beauty of Antigua, partaking in watersports or succumbing to the Indulge Spa’s deep relaxation treatments. It is our mission to preserve our slice of paradise, so that you can continue to come home year after year to a beautiful Galley Bay Resort.   

Our Drinking Water

We produce 40,000 gallons of fresh water daily through a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis water plant, which is further purified to exceed U.S. standards. To reduce single-use plastics. each room is provided with reusable water bottles to refill throughout the resort, or safely from the tap.


Our sustainability efforts include a cutting-edge glass recycling machine, used to repurpose discarded glass into reusable materials. By minimizing waste and supporting local eco-friendly businesses, we prioritize environmental stewardship and responsible tourism.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We prioritize sustainable tourism through local collaboration and dynamic environmental practices. Ever-evolving, our initiatives focus on purchasing local products, reducing energy and water consumption, and further encouraging “reduce, reuse, and recycle” practices for guests and staff.

Sharing Our Space

Our shared marine, wetland, and land ecosystems are home to over 45 bird species, local fauna, and endangered tortoises. By inviting guests to observe and interact with local wildlife and environs, our ecological sanctuaries play a crucial role in the conservation and preservation of the natural world.

Behind the Seeds.

From Farm to Table
Every morning our Chef takes a break from his busy kitchen operations to walk out to the source of much of his culinary inspiration: Galley Bay Resort & Spa’s very own organic garden that harvests tomatoes, beets, carrots, potatoes and much more delicious fresh produce.

Some of the day’s harvest will make its way from the garden onto our guests’ plates in one of our restaurant’s signature dishes. The garden is an initiative Galley Bay Resort & Spa has committed to, in order to ensure that not only the freshest ingredients are incorporated in our dishes, but to reduce our carbon footprint caused by energy-intensive methods of produce shipments from foreign farms.

We invite our guests once a week to come and experience our “Behind the Seeds” garden tour, to learn about the processes behind the food we serve.

Hydroponic Innovation

From Farm to Table
Nestled alongside our flourishing organic garden lies Galley Bay Resort & Spa’s Hydroponic Greenhouse. The Hydroponic Greenhouse represents our innovative approach to harnessing nature’s bounty while minimizing our ecological footprint.    We optimise water usage which is collected by the structure from rainfall, thus fostering an environment where plants thrive in nutrient-rich solutions.

Guided by expert consultants, our dedicated staff receives comprehensive training in maintaining the optimal health of our greenhouse crops. From monitoring nutrient levels to controlling environmental conditions, every aspect is meticulously attended to ensure the highest quality produce for our discerning guests.

Antiguan Wildlife

Our passion for sustainability and conservation extends to Antigua’s first inhabitants. Sea turtles, who have long used the island’s beaches as a nesting site, are facing extinction due to habitat loss.

Through the partnership with AB Sea Turtle Awareness, we help recover and manage depleted sea turtle populations by providing a safe environment for nesting Green, Hawksbill, Leatherback, and occasional Loggerhead turtles. From May through September, guests can witness sea turtles hatching, while the rest of the year offers chances to see mother turtles laying eggs.

We strongly encourage all our guests to respect the vulnerability of these beautiful, endangered creatures and please list your names at GUEST SERVICES if you wish to be informed at night of a turtle sighting.

Giving Back

Galley Bay Resort & Spa has a strong presence within the Antiguan community,
for many years our property has proudly supported the following organizations:

AB Sea Turtle Awareness • Environmental Awareness Group
Five Island Primary Green Team • Hands Across the Sea
Humane Society • PAAWS Dog & Cat Shelter • Wishing Well Inc.